A day in the shelter Educating a child implies solving the future of a home and raising the cultural level of their country

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Albergues Infantiles (ALIN), Children's Shelters, was founded in 1999 by a group of friends from Leon, Spain. Our aim is to help abandoned and abused children by improving their economic situation and by enhancing their emotional and physical environment. We began by offering practical and financial assistance to the Albergue Padre Julio Villaroel, a shelter in Loja (Ecuador), where they provide children with food, shelter and a good education. Since then, the generous donations and support of many people has allowed us to grow and we are now working with four different shelters across Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. We have also embarked on more projects to improve the lives of children in need.

There are more than 185 boys and girls who are looked after by the shelters we work with, and we believe that all these children need a stable environment - both physically and emotionally - in which they can thrive. They should not suffer the consequences of inept and corrupt political policies. They are just children, some as young as two years' old, and they need care, affection, protection and humanitarian aid. They are the future of their countries - with your support, we can make that future a bright one.

Find out more about our projects to help abused and abandoned children in South America (page in spanish).

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Last update: 27.03.2011